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Resources > Healthy Food Systems: A Toolkit for Building Value Chains
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Healthy Food Systems

A Toolkit for Building Value Chains

“This is a very useful tool that gives step by step instruction. There isn‘t much if anything like it out there, which makes this a unique contribution. The practical first hand information in the book is great and will be useful to those trying to do this work.”
—John Fisk Director The Wallace Center at Winrock International

This toolkit is designed to help new and emerging healthy food system value chain efforts. While it draws heavily from the experience of Appalachian Sustainable Development, including particularly its Appalachian Harvest network, it also includes ideas, challenges and insights from other value chain and food system initiatives, both within Appalachia and other parts of the country. The toolkit is intended to be a hands-on resource which can help spur new thinking, help refine plans, and perhaps help guide implementation of new and emerging food system initiatives.


The toolkit is divided into seven sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Value Chain?
  3. Getting started — A Quick but Essential Field to Table Scan
  4. Markets — The First Leg of the Value Chain Stool
  5. Supply — The Second Leg of the Value Chain Stool
  6. PAD - Processing, Aggregation and Distribution — The Final Leg of the Value Chain Stool
  7. Summary of Challenges and Lessons Learned
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Anthony Flaccavento:

Anthony Flaccavento

Anthony Flaccavento has 25 years of hands-on experience in sustainable community development, along with a BS degree in Agriculture and Environmental Science and a Masters degree in Economic and Social Development.

Anthony has been a certified organic produce farmer for the past 15 years during which time he also founded and directed Appalachian Sustainable Development. He is the author of “Healthy Food Systems: A Tool Kit for building Value Chains” and over 100 published articles.

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