SCALE, inc.

‘Bread and Butter Rural Progressivism’


In the aftermath of Anthony’s congressional campaign, a number of things became quite clear: First, the image or ‘brand’ of Democrats, liberals and progressives is very bad in much of rural America. While there can be no doubt that right wing media, pundits and politicians have played a huge role in this shift, it is also the case that progressives and Dems have done little to help themselves in the eyes of working people and rural communities. Second, a substantial part of this image problem comes from messaging and communications that misses the boat: focused on the big issues and policy positions of national organizations, lacking empathy or understanding of rural priorities, and too many words with too little clarity and substance. And third, that unless we undertake a long term commitment – beginning now - to address these issues, we’ll never overcome the alienation and, frankly, hostility we now routinely face in rural communities.

So… Anthony has launched his new ‘bread and butter rural progressivism’ in hopes of changing this, not only in SWVA and Appalachia, but across rural America. If you’d like to learn more about this new initiative or consider it for your community and/or organization, contact us.

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