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Growing out of experience and research in Appalachia as well as many other communities around the country, SCALE has developed a range of resources that may be of use to people working to launch or accelerate sustainable economic development and local food systems efforts.

Some of the tools, such as the Production Planning Tool and the Crop Management and Harvest Guidelines, were developed for farmers and those working closely with farmers.

Others, including the Healthy Food Systems Value Chain Tool Kit, are geared for local and regional leaders working to launch or strengthen local economy/food system initiatives. This section also contains research and a variety of published articles and opinion pieces published in newspapers, on-line journals or heard on public radio, all of which may be of general educational use for local, state and national leaders.



Extending your Farming Season


Extending Your Farming Season" provides hands-on, farmer-tested methods for extending your growing season, improving your soil and managing your farm for greater productivity and profitability.

"The video is very well organized. The way it is laid out, with occasional text on-screen, makes it an excellent teaching tool."

- Allen Arnold, Executive Director, Collaborative for a 21st Century Appalachia


Local Food Cost Calculator

While the farm-to-table movement is underway across the country, one challenge remains in most places: finding a price that works for farmers and buyers. This study highlights eight food service businesses that have made this work, and offers a new tool for calculating the real price difference when buying local (for both restaurants and college dining services).

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Healthy Food Systems: A Toolkit for Building Value Chains

This toolkit is designed to help new and emerging healthy food system value chain efforts. It includes ideas, challenges, and insights from other value chain and food system initiatives, both within Appalachia and other parts of the country. The toolkit is intended to be a hands-on resource which can help spur new thinking, help refine plans, and perhaps help guide implementation of new and emerging food system initiatives.

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