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The central purpose of SCALE is to catalyze and accelerate economies which increase community wealth and restore or sustain the ecosystem. The services are designed for community leaders, farmers, small businesses and non-profit practitioners working towards sustainable economic development. SCALE offers assistance in three areas: Consulting with groups and networks; workshops and public speaking; and writing and analysis.




Anthony’s approach to consulting was positively received by the SEED Board and all of the stakeholders with whom he met while in Wisconsin. His ability to listen and then respond knowledgeably to questions, issues and concerns raised by producers, consumers, and public, private and not-for-profit organizations was impressive. His professionalism reflected well on and increased the credibility of SEED with our broad range of stakeholders.
— Robert Beezat, President of the Board, Sustainable Edible Economic Development, Racine, Wisconsin

SCALE provides a range of consulting services designed to strengthen and accelerate local economy and sustainable development initiatives. Combining practical tools with broader level analysis, SCALE enables clients to develop strategies that are both far reaching yet achievable in the short to medium term. SCALE’s consulting clients include universities, foundations, businesses, farmers, local, state and federal agencies, and networks and collaborations of local leaders.

  • Developing sustainable local economy plans and initiatives

  • Value chain design and planning

  • Identifying community assets and gaps and building local capacity

  • Launching farmers markets, CSAs and farmer networks

  • Technical assistance for farmers




Anthony Flaccavento possesses that rare combination of skills: visionary, determined, focused on results — and yet he never skimps on the personal connection and personal relationships that lie at the heart of sustainable development. Despite tackling major challenges and injustices, he lives in the realm of possibility. I love working with him!
— Jamie Grant, Director of the Center for Social Justice Leadership, Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan

The extensive, hands-on experience and the rich base of education and research behind SCALE allows Anthony Flaccavento to address a broad range of topics with authority, insight and humor, while remaining grounded in experience. Both keynote addresses and workshops are provided for annual meetings and conferences, speakers series and local, state and national forums.

  • Rural development, ecological economics and sustainability

  • Building community wealth and asset-based, sustainable economies

  • Increasing access to healthy food for lower income people

  • Health and ecological benefits of organic and grass-based farming



Anthony has a firm understanding of what it takes to build sustainable local economies. From a sophisticated macroeconomic perspective, to the detailed inner workings of community-based non-profits, Anthony has helped rural areas craft strategies and build programs to accelerate economies in ways that support local ecological and cultural priorities.
— Ray Daffner, Manager of the Entrepreneurship and Asset-based Development Program, Appalachian Regional Commission, Washington, DC

While not primarily a research firm, SCALE undertakes ongoing research at the request of clients as well as to remain informed and up-to-date on pertinent economic, ecological, agriculture and cultural issues. This research informs the presentations and workshops provided by SCALE and the increases the efficacy of consultations.